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In 2011, Dr. Rebecca Morrison coordinated with local parents and professionals in order to offer her Social Immersion educational model to families in Florida. Oakstone Academy remains the only empirically-based and peer-reviewed model for inclusion in the area. Dr. Morrison’s program has been in operation in Ohio for over seventeen years, and parents across the nation are looking forward to a day when an opportunity like this could be offered to their children in their state. We are honored to bridge the gap between theory and practice, by implementing a rigorous and innovative program not offered elsewhere in the area.

Oakstone Academy Palm Beach is a private school that offers an alternative to the run-of-the-mill school experience. Thanks to talented, highly-qualified teachers and small class sizes, Oakstone Academy Palm Beach can meet the needs of a variety of learning styles. In fact, Oakstone is the only school in Florida that was founded on the principle of providing a truly inclusive environment for children with autism spectrum disorders utilizing sound research and practice, allowing students to be full participants in the classroom with peers who do not have disabilities. Our small size, low ratio, and highly differentiated curriculum allows students to progress at their personal speed. English language learners are welcomed and benefit from a highly effective research-based Reading curriculum.

In order to meet the needs of all of our students, the educators at Oakstone Academy have developed a program of excellence for typical as well as gifted students. Our inclusive setting has been a rewarding success for all of our students: those on the autism spectrum develop social and academic competency while students without disabilities develop compassion and leadership. Gifted students are offered content at their level. We proudly serve gifted and advanced learners who strive to cultivate compassion and leadership skills while learning at their pace. We welcome with open arms students who may be above or below grade level, as well as students who require an intimate setting to succeed. Behavioral supports in our program have aided children so that they may develop confidence and address any impediment to success. We believe that all children can succeed and maximize their potential.

At Oakstone Academy Palm Beach, we take the responsibility of educating children seriously. We believe in the value of each child as a unique contributor to our community. Educating a child is so much more than just teaching the basics. It is our honor to serve your children and support them in their journey to reach their full potential as students, sons and daughters, and friends.

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Oakstone Academy Palm Beach is the best in class, with excellent facilities and professional staff.

- Wali Waiters

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